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MY SWEETIE DARK CHOCOLATE and the MacBook Present!

April 17, 2011, Posted by junezach at 12:22 pm

The return of the Fledgling Blogger came with it not only a new layout but also with a partner blog!

Yes! You read it right. I now have a new blog- MY SWEETIE DARK CHOCOLATE!!!

My romantic partner, Sweetie Lyla and I will share our experiences as a couple being together until the day we entered into a long-distance relationship. Not only that, we will also talk about health, good food, travel, love and dark chocolate!

This kind of blog is so new to us. I rarely write about my “love life” which makes it a big challenge on my part to start this endeavor! LOL! I wanted to show her how much I cared for her, so I went and bought a display assembly for her scratched MacBook Pro in secret. Come and find out her reaction when I told here I fixed it and what’s with the title of the blog and what makes it different from the rest! I am inviting all of you to visit My Sweetie Dark Chocolate!

I will be waiting for your lovely comments. See yah!

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June Zach @ 27

April 12, 2011, Posted by junezach at 9:40 pm

It’s my big day! Today I’m celebrating God’s faithfulness in my life. :)

For 27 years, He has been so real and wonderful! He has given me a loving family, true friends and a special person to share my life with, my sweetie.

I recorded my own rendition of “Shout to the Lord” (an original of Hillsong Music Australia) for my 27th birthday. This is my humble way of giving glory to the Almighty ! All the voices that you can hear in this song are from yours truly. :D

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