Entrecard, enough is ENOUGH!

October 9, 2010, Posted by junezach at 4:43 am
I am making this post straight to the point!

If you visited my site 2 days ago, you’ll get an error 404 due to an issue I had with my hosting company. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The problem was fixed and you can see that my site is up and running since yesterday.

Few hours passed when the incident happened, I tried to log in to my Entrecard account so I could cancel the adverts on queue while my site was down but to my dismay I could not get in.

Checked on my email and received a very disappointing message:


There was NO notification ever prior to deleting my EC account. At least I could have explained to THEM that the issue is being worked on and I could have done something good for my advertisers waiting on queue like refunding them with their credits or canceling their adverts until my site would be backed up.

What would be my loyal advertisers think after they could no longer see my badge in the campaign list (since EC admins already removed my account)?

I replied to the email inquiring if I would still be able to retrieve all my credits once my account would be reinstated. But, there was NO REPLY until today!

So funny that there are EC members out there who have no widget or no website to display at all for about 2 weeks but were never wiped out!


Is this how they treat an active and popular member?

CMF Ads did not do it!
Project Wonderful only suspended my ad boxes widget but immediately turned it back on when my site went live again!
Adgitize is still there!

I’ve known many bad things about Entrecard but remained PATIENT with it thinking I would still benefit from it by gaining lots of blogging friends and discovering new blogs. But I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. It only brought viruses, trojans, empty blogs, unknown and suspicious members, ghost and auto droppers and high bounce rate! To be honest, I lied low with the network for the past weeks. I did not have the enthusiasm to drop anymore. I was contemplating of quitting and just because of this incident, my decision to leave Entrecard is FINAL! Please take note that this is NOT the only issue I had with Entrecard. Remember this post?  Another lesson learned at Entrecard. How about this one? A Deadly Virus: When Bloggers are Leaving Entrecard! .

Anyway, the “Fledgling Blogger” already got the most out from Entrecard. Aside from gaining valuable blogging friends that I came to know in the network, you can witness such achievements below:

Reached the No. 2 spot for Most Popular blog for All Categories:

Have been consistently at No. 1 for Most Popular Blog in Personal Diary category for more than a year now:

Experienced to be the Most Expensive Blog in All Categories for some months:

I think you now understand my point here.

How easy it was for them to immediately delete an active user! :( :( :(
Should I reactivate my account? NEVER!!!

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