Let’s De-Stress!

September 23, 2010, Posted by junezach at 3:39 am
I am getting better everyday after that “emotional blow”. Well ‘after’ may not be the most appropriate word because I am still in the process of fully getting over it. But, at least the tension I had been feeling almost everyday for the last two months somehow subsided. :)

Our latest team building activity helped in my recovery. Going to a rural place away from the haste of city life is surely a good treat for the “stressed” people. :D   LOL

Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines offers a very relaxing atmosphere. It is a cool place for team outings and family gatherings. Here are the rooms we rented there.

The trip went on for approximately 2 1/2 hours so we were all hungry and only thought about these…

After we stuffed ourselves and dishes were cleaned up, we had an enjoyable ‘guessing game’. Just look at our faces!

We were challenged by our supervisor with another game- “build the tallest and strongest tower using plastic straws”. Make sure it will float in the seawater for 10 minutes with all the current and ripples.

Engineering starts now… Our group did not come up with a plan immediately.

TIME’S UP! Wooppz! Can we have more time? No! Whew!

All right. Let’s test your work.

Yehey! We won but got tied with the other group.

Moving on to the final game. Using ropes, transport the half-cut bottle filled with sand to the finish line. No stepping on lines on the side please.

A good strategy needs to be done.

Too bad we lose this game! But our group still did a great job! :) ;)

Everything was fun though we did not have sleep the night before as we immediately went for our team building after our evening shift.

All I can say is that I SIMPLY LOVE TEAM 14- SUMMIT! :D

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