Literary opus

Here is a collection of a few poems I created with divine inspiration. Some of them were published in school magazines way back high school and college days. :)

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Eyes meet eyes
Beyond glass of obstruction
Vague reflection of one’s sweet smile
Thrills a frail heart
Exchanging gazes
Unfathomable, enigmatic
Uttered words
So endearing
Parting time
Could have been shunned
Now, ephemeral moments
Remain an eternal memory

When could those eyes meet again?

Lasting thoughts, inspiring messages
Worth keeping?
Could not tell

Should I trust?
Should I hope?

‘Til those eyes meet again
Queries will no longer be queries.


“A Kiss In The Rain”

(I wrote this poem during high school. It may sound elementary though…hehehe. This was published in The Boholenian, our official school pub).

Blue skies begin to darken
Amid two lovers spoken
Enamored hearts once broken
Will be mended once again

The deceitful heart before
Is veracious forevermore
Leaving behind an important lore
Strengthening the inner core

Avoiding great disdain
No more lies, no more vain
Forgetting all the pains
With just a kiss in the rain.