Lots of Thank Yous to start off

January 5, 2011, Posted by junezach at 5:10 am
A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers! :D

To sum everything up for how things went on for this blog last year, I would surely say it was a success. For without you, I could have stopped blogging. This post is solely dedicated to my blogging pals who have encouraged me all throughout by your wonderful comments and inspiring words.

Lots of thanks yous go to the following:

Yoon See, Greener Pastures

Atty.Eli Gatanela, Business Sphere

Sandee, Comedy Plus

Ann, anns snap edit scrap

Lin, Duck and Wheel with String

Sandy, Traveling Suitcase

Hitesh, The Way It Is

Race, Beyond Horizons

David Tamayo, Security for Idiots

Michelle, Michelle’s Menagerie

Marg, Margs Animals Blogs

Vanilla Seven Photography

Khrye, KhryeDotCom

Bingkee, I Love/Hate America

Glenn, Man Over Board

Dondi,Working Moms Corner

Mariuca, Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery

iip albanjary, iip albanjary’s blog

eternally, Ungkutan

Mikes Sumondong, Your Daily Word

Jorich (who has helped me in a special way),

and to all you who have continued to support the Fledgling Blogger! You are the biggest reason why I am still here.


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