The Author

Nickname/Alias: The Fledgling Blogger, Peter Parker (pandion name)


Music, Movies, Blogging, Books, Writing literary compositions, Web Designing and Internet stuffs.

Location: The Philippines


  • Started writing at the age of 14. Penned poems, essays, editorials and other journalistic articles that were published in school papers way back high school and college days.
  • Editor-in-Chief and Staff Consultant (Senior Craftmen’s Voice, 2002-2007)
  • An experienced advanced technical support in a well known web hosting company and a certified WordPress user.
  • A serious part-time blogger.
  • Won some singing competitions. Sang in church, performed in weddings and local events.
  • A member of theater arts guild in high school.
  • Directed some short skits and plays.
  • A movie aficionado.
  • A computer engineer by profession.